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Wine Australia hosted an 'Inspired Tasting' event showcasing over 100 Australian wines hand selected by local Japanese wine enthusiasts in Tokyo earlier this week.

Thirty-seveb Japanese-based wine specialists were asked to choose their favourite Australian wines to promote, educate and provide training to the Japanese wine market. 

Wine Australia regional director Aaron Brasher said: "They'll be taking our Australian wine message out to the broader trade and Japanese wine consumers with real determination and optimism."

The event saw more than 100 media and industry professionals taste 107 Australian wines showcasing the impact the country's wines are currently experiencing in Japan. Wine Australia regional manager Hiro Tejima added: "We had an overwhelming response from guests reflecting the great interest in Australian fine wine."

The initiative behind the event was recently explained in a Wine Australia statement: "The event follows the recent release of export figures that show an increase in the value of Australian wine exports to Japan (up 7.8 per cent to $42.7 million) in the 12 months to March 2015." 

Tejima said: "I'm confident that the Inspired Tasting has been another 'best foot forward' exercise that will help us capitalise on the growth of the Japanese economy and the opportunities available via the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA)."

In addition, as part of the JAEPA, a reduction in charges on bottled and bulk wines will see all tariffs on Australian wine eliminated over seven years. 

Some of the guests included Marriko Morita, a writer for The Daily Wines and Spirits who said: "Australian wine is a 'cool beauty', which exhibits elegance and intelligence, softness and determination."

Marriko added: "They are how wine should be in the future; wines that I wish every person could experience. Australia is a mountain of treasure, don't miss the gold rush."

Wine Australia has found success in the UK over the past two years with its Inspired Tastings and will return for a third time later this year.

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