Wine by the glass company Coravin has opened a new online trade portal in Australia and New Zealand, which it says will streamline local network orders, and widen customer base.

Coravin launched its Sparkling System last year, which allows venues to serve sparkling wine by-the-glass without removing the cork, therefore extending the lifespan of opened Champagne and sparkling wine bottles. Coravin claim to be able to preserve remaining wine in the bottle for ‘weeks, months or even years.’

The new online portal will provide fast delivery and easy access to Coravin’s Sydney warehouse and customer service assistance.

Gary Olasz, Market Director for Coravin Australia and New Zealand is delighted with the new system, saying: “I am thrilled that we are able to elevate our customer experience with this premium platform which is effective and efficient from the initial sign up to product purchase.

“Connected to our new Sydney warehouse, the portal enables faster order submissions and dispatch rates for our valued customers.”

The online portal will also allow Coravin’s products to be accessed by a wider audience, with the company targeting both smaller retail, and winery venues.

Coravin first introduced its wine-by-the-glass system to Australia in 2017, with the Sparkling System coming four years later. Since then, it has seen 30 per cent increase in demand year-on-year, with its machines now in place in more than 820 Australian venues.

The USA-based company hopes to increase its presence in Australia six-fold by 2026, with the new trade portal viewed as a key means of attracting new customers.

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