Wine Victoria has recently announced its plan to implement a $2.2 million US market development plan, with the goal of increasing sales of premium Victorian wine in the south and south-eastern states of the US.

The new strategy is funded by the Victorian Government through Global Victoria, and will comprise a number of programs to amplify the presence of Victorian Wine in the United States.

The five key initiatives of the program are:

  1. Supporting new entrants to the US market, primarily through the Wine Australia Market Entry Program.
  2. Trade promotions with distributors, retailers, restaurants, and e-commerce platforms.
  3. Attendance at trade shows.
  4. Development of a communications strategy to build awareness and engage with trade and consumers.
  5. Appointment of a US-based development manager.

Chair of Wine Victoria, Stephanie Duboudin, is enthusiastic about the opportunities presented by the USA Market Development Strategy.

“These programs and activations are a great way for Wine Victoria members to showcase the quality of their wines and to tell their own unique stories on a global scale,” she commented.

The program is divided into two phases and is expected to reach completion by mid-2024. It is already underway, with 16 wineries already taking part in the 2022/23 Wine Australia Market Entry Program. The communications strategy has been developed and involves a partnership with Vinous Magazine, and wine journalist Christina Pickard has made a dedicated trip to Victoria. Additionally, alongside South Australian and Western Australia, wines from 10 Victorian producers were featured at the Aspen Food and Wine Classic as part of the Wine Australia activation.

“Wine Victoria is delighted to be working with the Victorian Government and Global Victoria to amplify Victorian wine in the United States, and to create more ways to educate people on the diverse and worldclass wine styles grown and produced in our beautiful state,” Duboudin concluded.

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