Wolf Blass has unveiled its exciting and innovative new brand direction with the launch of the ‘Why Settle When You Can Soar’ campaign.

The campaign aims to encourage consumers to ask ‘why’ more often, in the way that Wolf Blass Founder, Wolfgang Blass, did. Blass was known for challenging the status quo and rejecting mediocrity to never settle for anything less than the best, and this spirit of creativity and flair is what will be showcased in the new campaign and brand direction.

Angus Lilley, Treasury Premium Brands’ Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager Sales ANZ, noted the new direction is the next step of the Wolf Blass brand’s evolution.

 “For almost a decade, Wolf Blass’ ‘Here’s To The Chase’ campaign inspired audiences around the world and included themes of pursuing our dreams, stepping out of our comfort zones regardless of risk, rules or boundaries, and reminded us to listen to the voice inside of us that says: ‘chase it’. Fast forward to 2022, and ‘Why Settle When You Can Soar’ takes this message forward in a more progressive and engaging way, evolving it for today’s audiences,” he said.

“Wolf Blass has always been synonymous with wine drinkers of all ages and walks of life from all over the world. Therefore, the brand is challenging the world to ask ‘why’ more often. Because we cannot and should not settle until everyone can soar.”

‘Why Settle When You Can Soar’ has launched initially in Australia, but will also extend to the UK, Europe, Canada and Asia markets. It will stand out not only through a bold new creative direction, but also through a range of media formats, such as light projections which will pop up on city landmarks in major capitals.

The new campaign continues the Wolf Blass brand’s efforts to break conventions and disrupt the norms of the wine category, to connect with new and existing consumers of premium wine. It also continues the brand’s support and promotion of inclusivity, featuring people spanning different ages, sexual orientations and gender identities, as well as people with disabilities. This message will be amplified through different official partnerships with various community groups and organisations in different territories. In Australia, for example, Wolf Blass has partnered with Adelaide-based Restless Dance Theatre (the country’s leading dance theatre company for neurodiverse artists and artists with and without disability), as well as Out For Australia (a leading LGBTQIA+ mentoring organisation), where Wolf Blass will help expand the mentoring program to regional Australia to empower more young people to embrace their authentic selves.

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