Women and gender diverse people within the Australian Craft Distilling Industry are invited to come together for Women of Australian Distilling’s first official mixer event.

Held at Archie Rose Distillery in Rosebery on Thursday 20 July, the mixer event will unite women and gender diverse people from all occupations in the distilling industry, encouraging them to build meaningful relationships within a male dominated industry.

The evening will be hosted by Ev Liong, Spirits Blender at Archie Rose, who will discuss the importance of professional networking in the distilling industry alongside keynote speaker Alice Newport, National Ambassador for James B. Beam Distilling Co., who will share insights on her career and role as an ambassador. The event, sponsored by Manilda, NOC Wholesale and Spirits & Cocktails Australia, will bring the women together for a night of professional networking and cocktails.

Kathleen Davies, Founder and Chairperson of Women of Australia Distilling, said: “you’ve heard about the gender pay gap but there’s another gap that’s just as important, though much less discussed, the networking gap.”

“We’re holding a mixer to bring people together from all over Australia for a night of cocktails, delicious food and meaningful conversations, to hopefully do our part in promoting professional networking.”

Women of Australian Distilling is a collective to promote, encourage and support women and gender diverse people within the Australian Craft Distilling industry, offering support with career development, ambassadorship, marketing, administration, management, cellar door opportunities and more within the field of distilling.

Collaborating with some of the industry’s most renowned organisations, Women of Australian Distilling is a hub for female-led trade and consumer events, courses, networking, PR, mentoring and personal development.

“It’s great that people from all aspects of the distilling industry can come together and build relationships with people that they perhaps usually wouldn’t,” said Keeley Proudfoot, Marketing Executive for Women of Australian Distilling. “It’s also a meaningful experience to be able to hear from Alice, so that they can think about their own distilleries and whether a brand ambassador opportunity would be right for them.”

If you’d like to attend the event, limited tickets are available here.

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