Inside last year's Women of Australian Distilling IWD event

Women of Australian Distilling has announced the details of its annual International Womens Day (IWD) event, with tickets on sale now.

This is the fourth iteration of the event, which will be held on IWD on 8 March. It brings together a number of partners and sponsors from across the industry, including Bloodwood restaurant (which will again be the location for this year), Women in Hospitality (WOHO), Australian Gin Distillers Association, Nip of Courage, P&V Liquor, Four Pillars and more.

Like previous years, attendees can expect a stellar lineup of inspirational speakers from the Australian distilling industry, alongside a vibrant feast from the team at Bloodwood, paired with specialty Aussie-inspired cocktails that feature local craft spirits. Unlike in previous years though, the 2023 event will be a dinner, not a lunch.

The 2023 IWD Dinner is tipped to be a sellout again this year, with five new not-to-be-missed industry speakers, led by event host Christina Butcher of Mr & Mrs Romance. Throughout the night, guests will also hear from Rosemary Beale, Distiller and Owner of Black Snake Distillery; Corinna Kovner, Distiller and Owner of Ester Spirits; Nicola Thompson-Hancock, Owner of Mother of Pearl; Ruby Davis, Distiller at North of Eden; and Charles Casben, Brand Ambassador at Australian Gin Distillers Association.

“This is our fourth IWD event and we would just love to see as many new faces as possible. We are regularly asked by start-ups how they should go about starting their dream distillery or how they can get into the industry. This is the event to get those details and learn from the five individuals that we have sharing their stories,” said Keeley Proudfoot, Marketing & Communications Assistant at Nip of Courage and Women of Australian Distilling.

“If there is one Sydney event that you find yourself at this year, make it International Women’s Day at Bloodwood in Newtown, you won’t regret the perfect networking opportunity, a flavoursome feast and the chance to try some beautiful spirits from our female distillers and brand owners.

“International Women’s Day isn’t just about celebrating achievements, it’s about learning how we can progress in industries that are male-dominated or where women aren’t recognised in their roles.”

IWD is an important day on the Women of Australian Distilling calendar, offering the perfect occasion to not only recognise the contribution of women to the local craft spirits industry, but also come together to inspire positive change.

“For us, International Women’s Day is another excuse to celebrate all of the great things that women are doing in the distilling industry. In a heavily male-dominated industry, it’s great to have a day that we can celebrate the achievements of women who sometimes aren’t recognised for the work they’re doing,” said Proudfoot.

“It’s also great for us to set aside a day that both women and men can come together in the one place, particularly for those that are interstate and wouldn’t usually find themselves travelling to Sydney, it’s the perfect way to meet like-minded individuals.”

It’s these values that form part of the driving force behind Women of Australian Distilling as an organisation, as its Founder Kathleen Davies noted.

“Women are often reluctant to talk up their accomplishments because they are often dismissed when they do. Women of Australian Distilling aims to help shine a light on Women’s accomplishments, guide and encourage women in the industry to follow their passions within their chosen career,” she said.

More information about the Women of Australian Distilling 2023 IWD Dinner, including how to buy tickets, is available via the Nip of Courage website.

The full list of sponsors and partners of the event are below:

  • Bloodwood
  • Women of Australian Distilling
  • Women in Hospitality
  • Australian Gin Distillers Association
  • P&V
  • Nip of Courage
  • Mr & Mrs Romance
  • Food and Beverage Media
  • ChefWorks
  • Black Snake Distillery (NSW)
  • Ester Spirits (NSW)
  • Mother of Pearl (VIC)
  • North of Eden (NSW)
  • Four Pillars (VIC)

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