Elizabeth McCall will become the third Master Distiller in the bourbon producer’s 26 year history, when she replaces Chris Morris after a decade of training.

Morris will take up the role of Master Distiller Emeritus, while McCall will oversee ‘quality and innovation efforts’, alongside producing new Woodford Reserve whiskies. She will also head up the distillery’s rare and premium releases, including the Distillery Series and the Master’s Collection.

McCall became Woodford Reserve Assistant Distiller five years ago this month, having previously been made Master Taster in 2015, when Morris first began mentoring her. She spoke glowingly about Morris’s legacy at Woodford.

“I am humbled to stand upon the foundation built by Chris Morris, who is one of the most well-known and respected Master Distillers in the world,” McCall said.

“I look forward to following in his footsteps and crafting the world’s finest bourbon.”

Morris was equally as effusive in his praise of McCall.

“I am proud of – and confident in – Elizabeth’s ability to maintain the award-winning flavour profile of the Woodford Reserve family into the next generation,” Morris said.

“Her inquisitive nature bodes well for those who have come to expect innovative flavour concepts from our Master’s Collection and Distillery Series offerings. The future couldn’t be more promising for Woodford Reserve”

McCall is the first woman to hold the title of Master Distiller in Woodford’s history, and her mother also worked in the spirits industry as a sensory expert. Prior to working specifically for Woodford Reserve, McCall joined Brown-Forman in 2009, taking a position as a member of the R&D department, where she established tasting panels to ensure quality and consistency.

McCall is a Kentucky local, living in Louisville with her child and her husband Matt.

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