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The Australian Liquor Stores Association (ALSA) has commended the decision of Woolworths Liquor Group to become a signatory of the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC), Australia's quasi-regulatory system of alcohol advertising regulation. 

ALSA chief executive officer, Terry Mott said Woolworths Liquor Group was in the unique position of being not only one of Australia's leading liquor retailers but also a major producer of alcohol products. 

"ALSA recognises the importance of ABAC in setting the standards for Australian alcohol advertising," said Mott.  

"ABAC has a proven track record in reflecting community standards to ensure that alcohol advertising is responsible and does not encourage irresponsible consumption or underage consumption." 

Mott said that ALSA is committed to work with all members and other stakeholders in the retail liquor sector towards becoming a signatory to the ABAC Code.

Woolworths director of liquor Brad Banducci said that the retailer was "pleased to become a formal participant in initiatives that aim to reduce harm associated with excessive consumption of alcohol including the marketing, promotion, naming and packaging of alcohol".

"Becoming an ABAC signatory formalises our existing commitment to abide by the ABAC adjudication process and will ensure our exclusive brand products are pre-vetted for compliance with the Code. Given we are already in clear alignment with the Code, signing up is the right thing to do," Banducci said. 

"We are also committed to working with the industry and government as the Code extends further into social media and in determining how the evolution of retail price advertising is recognised in the Code."

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