By Rebecca Harris

WorkSafe Victoria has announced it will be targeting retail and hospitality outlets in Melbourne’s central business district this month.

From January 19 to 30, WorkSafe inspectors will be visiting venues to check employers are meeting their return to work obligations for injured workers.

Over the past five years, a total of 12,013 workers were injured in the City of Melbourne. Over 960 of those came from the hospitality industry, costing nearly $14.5 million in treatment and rehabilitation.

WorkSafe spokesperson Karin Polsa sadi that in the past many employers have not been as aware of their return to work obligations as they are of their health and safety ones.

"WorkSafe has been sharpening its focus on return to work to help employers facilitate the return to work of injured workers and improve return to work outcomes.

"After injury, it’s just as important to ensure that employees return to work in a safe and sustainable manner," she said.

Inspectors will focus on a range of issues including the existence of an injury register, a risk management program, and that information about what to do if a worker is injured is clearly displayed.

“The focus of the investigation is primarily to ensure that the appropriate procedures are in place for injured workers returning to duty,” Polsa said.

WorkSafe has also conducted similar campaigns in Ringwood, Geelong and Werribee.

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