Melbourne’s East 9th Brewing has expanded on their op-shop party concept to bring the world’s first two op shop bars in the name of charity.

It’s the second year that the Doss Blockos Polished Man team has raised money for a worthy cause, last year receiving unprecedented support from Australian hospitality venues. The 2018 iteration saw over $50,000 collected for Polished Man, an organisation aimed at ending violence against children.

The industry’s input this year is named Doss Closet, with the first op shop bar popping up in October at Footscray bar, Lickety Split. The bar is the work of industry heavyweight Jerome Borazio, who has teamed up with the Doss Blockos Polished Man team to bring the Doss Closet idea to fruition.

The team said this first Doss Closet was received “with open arms” and so led them to pop up another op shop venue, this time at Mezcalito in the Melbourne CBD.

East 9th Brewing said the Doss Closet concept is simple: “buy clothing, get a free beer, save the world!” All proceeds from the clothing sales go to the Polished Man campaign.

Lickety Split and Mezcalito have been transformed into giant walk-in wardrobes, with the walls lined with curated vintage clothing. They still function as a regular bar would, with specialty and classic drink options on offer.

Josh Lefers, Managing Director of East 9th Brewing said: “Our focus in creating the concept has been around sourcing really cool clothes that pair well with delicious beers and cocktails! We’re super excited to have Jerome and his crew along for the ride!”

The Doss Blockos Polished Man team said that while sitting in booths made from wardrobes, customers can order combinations like the Doss Blockos pale lager paired with denim, New York Cherry Sours paired with vintage vans skate shoes, and even tiki margaritas paired with sundresses.

Benjamin Cairns from East 9th Brewing said Doss Closet is part of a wider collaboration with the brewery and Polished Man.

“In 2020, we hope to beat last year’s raise, but we’ll be doing so over the coming year through a number of different channels,” he said. “With two Doss Closet locations at present, we’re looking to expand the concept further!”

The op shop bar spaces will be open until January 2020.

To donate clothes or get in touch with the Doss Blockos team, reach out to

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