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The first Wednesday in August, dubbed ‘Wynnsday’, marks the release of the iconic wine producer’s new vintage line-up.

The 2015 Wynns Coonawarra Estate collection is headlined by icons from its exceptional 2012 vintage; Wynns John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon and Wynns Michael Shiraz along with Single Vineyard release from the Childs vineyard.

The new releases add to the Wynnsday line-up, which also includes the V&A Lane Shiraz 2013, V&A Lane Cabernet Shiraz 2013, Black Label Shiraz 2013 and Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2013.

Sue Hodder, Wynns senior winemaker, said the quality reflects the low yielding and early ripening 2012 vintage.

“Wines are finely structured with a clearly defined Wynns style of balanced fruit expression. They are both current drinking and age-worthy expressions of a truly great Coonawarra vintage.”

Only crafted in exceptional vintages, Wynns John Riddoch and Michael provide a benchmark for the 2012 Coonawarra season. 

Hodder, along with Wynns viticulturist Allen Jenkins and wine critic James Halliday will host an online virtual tasting of the 2015 Wynns new vintage release wines on 12 August from 8pm AEST.

The Wynns new vintage release will be available from 5 August from fine wine retailers and Wynns cellar door. 

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The 2015 Wynnsday line-up:

John Riddoch Cebernet Sauvignon 2012 RRP $149.99

Michael Shiraz 2012 RRP $149.99

Childs Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 RRP $79.99

V&A Lane Cabernet Shiraz 2013 RRP $59.99

V&A Lane Cabernet Shiraz 2013 RRP $59.99

Black Label Shiraz 2013 RRP $44.99

Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 RRP $44.99

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