Xchangexec, created from the ground up by Task Retail Technology, harnesses the power of the internet and broadband to provide instantaneous POS transaction-based, real-time sales data, terminal management, interactive customer loyalty and queue-buster client technology on a global scale. It is ideally suited and designed for Hotel & Club environments.

Xchangexec has already been selected as the POS system for the:
• Mounties Club Group
• Feros Hotel Group – including Taren Point Hotel, Potts Point Liquor & Deli, Terrey Hills Tavern, Empire of Annandale Hotel, Panania Hotel, Lone Pine Tavern, Bowral Hotel and Rocksia Hotel
• Keystone Hospitality – including Cargo Bar, The Loft, Bungalow 8, Fringe Bar, Gazebo Wine Garden, The Australian, Glenmore Rooftop Hotel, Sugar Mill and Kit & Kaboodle as well as Shorty’s Liquor and Australian Wine Emporium.
• STC (Rosehill Racecourse) 
• VRC (Flemington Racecourse)
as well as 2 of Australia’s biggest home-grown franchise groups,
• Retail Food Group (Donut King, BB’s cafes, Michel’s Patisserie, Brumbies) 
• Foodco (Muffin Break, Jamaica Blue & Dreamy Donuts).

Why have these industry leading businesses chosen xchangexec? Because it offers features, performance & scalability never before seen in the POS arena.

Task Retail Technology has won numerous awards for their groundbreaking POS software including the prestigious 2008 Consensus Software Award, The 2008 Dell Small Business Award and was a finalist in the 2008 Microsoft ISV Awards. Most recently they have been awarded a 2009 Anthill 30under30 Entrepreneurial Award.

Today more than ever, especially in an economically-challenged time, Club & Hotel owners & operators need data transmitted instantaneously from across the planet to make decisions on what is affecting them now, not in a week or two’s time.  This is a true “cloud computing environment” and delivers real-time, real live data in nano-seconds from any terminal in your organization.

Xchangexec Features include:

• Sophisticated Marketing Tools including SMS Marketing, Voucher Printing & Bluetooth Push Marketing
• New Members can join Loyalty Program live at the POS terminal, no need to wait.
• LCD Menu Board linking allowing instant price & availability changes
• Real Live Stocktaking from the PDE terminal (no more up & downloading required)
• Live Reporting accessible from anywhere on the Planet with Internet
• Links to all major Gaming Loyalty Programs
• Extremely Flexible POS terminal options with instant change capabilities
• SMS Ordering & Reporting
• CCTV Linking and Remote Viewing
• Task Retail Technology’s Global Support Command Centre for 24/7 monitoring & support

Xchangexec consists of the following five modules:

Xchangexec consists of five modules:

  • Xchangeglobal is the configuration and management tool that effectively handles, from a single point, the day-to-day operational needs of a widely distributed POS network.  This could be a retail network of many stores or a single large POS installation, such as the type found in sporting or entertainment stadiums, where hundreds of terminals are spread across food and beverage concessions.
  • Xchangelive enables organisations to reach all users with powerful and scalable reporting, with on-demand instant processing and reporting using SQL 2008.
  • Xchangepoint is the Point of Sale (POS) application at the store. Feature rich and flexible, Xchangepoint drives increased sales and better margins through sophisticated up-sell offers, dynamic electronic menu boards and marketing panels, intelligent voucher printing, and advanced real-time security monitoring. The POS application is embedded on secure terminals providing a fault tolerance in the rare event the internet connection is lost for any reason..

  • Xchangesms. The mobile phone is the electronic tool of choice for much of the world’s population and can now be used to place VIP “queue buster” orders directly to a store without waiting, access real-time sales data for any store, check store performance, report store takings and know exactly what is happening in your outlet at any time.


  • Xchangeview Allows you to integrate your standard Windows internet-enabled PDA to wirelessly connect to any till in your network and access real time sales and management data for any store at any time wherever you may be. Xchangexec links with all current Loyalty programs and enhances the delivery of instantaneous Marketing information back to the management team. For a demonstration of Xchangexec, the most Powerful POS Platform on the Planet, visit Task Retail Technology at:
    www.xchangexec.com.au  /  www.taskretail.com.au / Ph 02 9997 3500 .

Contact Task Retail today on 02 9997 3500 alternatively you can email us or for more information check out our website.

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