One of last year’s biggest beer innovations is expected to become this year’s biggest national beer launch, as XXXX Dry prepares to go Australia-wide in September.

Despite previously only being available in the Northern Territory and Queensland, XXXX Dry recorded over $12 million retail sales value in its first year. At 4.2 per cent ABV, the full strength low carb lager has been getting more consumers to trade up, as it aligns with today’s evolving lifestyles and tastes.

“Backed by 143 years of brewing excellence in Australia, XXXX Dry is a fresh addition to the XXXX family. It is an easy drinking, refreshing full strength lager that consumers have been looking for from the trusted, iconic brand. Beer drinkers in Queensland and the Northern Territory are snapping it up, proving it to be one of the region’s most successful innovations launched in recent years,” said Chris Allan, Brand Leader at XXXX.

“XXXX Dry continues our focus on being the beer synonymous with Australia’s outdoor lifestyle. Consumers are constantly evolving and release energy in so many different ways these days, not just the stereotypical fishing or camping getaways of years gone but by coastal trips, off road adventures or just new ways to explore and find adventure with their mates in the great outdoors. XXXX Dry brings this energy, reflecting the attitude of younger consumers which is so aspirational in QLD/NT but also right around Australia today.”

One of the biggest target groups of the launch is the 18-34 age bracket, which XXXX recognises as incredibly important for the future of the beer category due to the higher value and higher frequency shoppers in this age range. The brand is already tapping into this opportunity with great results, as 54 per cent of XXXX Dry sales come from this bracket.

“XXXX Dry is proving to appeal to this age group by taking the elements that people love about XXXX and adding to it a really easy drinking liquid that is full strength and has a brand personality that is a little more energetic,” Allan said.

This is great news for retailers ahead of the national launch, as it: “Offers retailers a chance to continue to grow their profitability by trading shoppers up from classic full strength beers into this contemporary beer.”

XXXX will be boosting this opportunity even further with a $4 million investment into the national launch, a trademark refresh and a full calendar of activity planned across the off- and on-premise to help drive sales and awareness.

“This is the full strength national brand from XXXX that we’ve all been excited about. The trust and belief in the XXXX trademark is huge and now with an easy drinking full strength, retailers can expect to attract more consumers to their stores as everyone looks to try a much anticipated refreshing full strength from XXXX,” Allan said.

This article originally appeared in the August issue of National Liquor News.

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