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Leading Australian beer brand XXXX Gold has sought to tap into the developing palates in the beer market with the release of XXXX Gold Australian Pale Ale.

Brewed with a combination of specialty malts, Amarillo hops and fermented ale yeast, the new beer is described as "an easy drinking, mid-strength beer with a crisp finish". 

Jack Mesley, the marketing manager for XXXX Gold explained to TheShout the reasoning behind the launch.

"There are two really big trends going on in beer that this is really tapping into," he said. "

"One is the explosion of flavour and everyone is looking for a bit more diversity and flavour, pale ale is growing at around 16 per cent across the country. And the other one is the continued explosion of mid; one in four beers sold across the country is a mid-strength.

"XXXX Gold has been at the forefront of that growth of mid across the country and what we wanted to do as the leader in that mid-segment was to continue that growth via the introduction of some greater flavour diversity. All beer drinkers around the country are looking for a bit more flavour.

Mesley added that consumer will be getting a bit more bitterness than with XXX Gold lager, indeed, "more bitterness than you might expect from a mid-strength beer." While it's not as hoppy as some of the big pale ales on the market at the moment Mesley said this was the XXXX take on an Australian pale ale, which is a bit more easy drinking, with a really crisp finish that is perfect for the hot Australian climate.

Although Mesley does not think this beer is a stepping stone into craft beer he did tell TheShout: "I think some of the craft brewers might be surprised at what a great pale ale we've managed to create. But this," he added, "is more for your classic Australian beer drinker who is looking for those flavour needs, but also those moderation needs through mid-strength."

XXXX GOLD Australian Pale Ale, which has an IBU of 15.5, an ABV of 3.5 per cent and an RRP of $47, will be available nationally from Monday 20 July in both pack and on tap. The launch will be supported by a marketing communications program that includes digital and social, outdoor and print advertising, point of sale and PR. And that support is a key message that Mesley wants to get across to retailers. 

He told TheShout: "We've got a huge program of support for retailers and this goes live from Monday. Our key message is 'let's get it out there, let's be really clear about the benefits and how this is a great offering for people who are looking for that mid-strength and that flavour diversity'. 

"It's about execution basics; it's about price-ticketing and building big displays and from Monday it's over to the retailers to get it into the hands of consumers but hopefully we've given them all the tools they need and we will continue to support them."

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