By Andy Young

ASX-Listed Broo Limited has announced that Jinxing Beer Group Co has agreed to add Broo Premium Lager to it national product portfolio.

The deal sees Broo become the only international beer on offer on Jinxing’s entire nationwide Chinese distribution network. That network is one of the largest in China and provides Broo with an enormous opportunity to tap into the world’s largest beer market.

Broo listed on the ASX in October 2016 and announced in August that it had secured manufacturing of Broo Premium Lager through Jinxing.

Kent Grogan, Founder and CEO of Broo, was recently present at Jinxing’s head office in Zhengzhou to oversee the production commencement activities.

“During this visit a major agreement was reached, I am thrilled and humbled by this new development; it is literally a game changer and will dwarf our original sales expectations," Grogan said.

“It provides Broo with enormous reach and platform to compete with the largest International brands currently available in China.

“Our relationship with the Jinxing Beer Group goes from strength to strength and we see this partnership continuing well into the future.”

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  1. Lets wait and see how much profit they made when they have to report next year. How long before the Chinese just copy the brand and brew it in China

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