After 13 years at Coopers Brewery, Cam Pearce, the company’s Marketing and Innovation Director, has retired.

A Coopers statement detailed that Pearce will remain on the board of Coopers as a non-executive Director – which was his original role at the brewery before he joined in a full-time capacity.

Dr Tim Cooper, Coopers Managing Director, outlined how Pearce had made an indelible mark upon the company.

“Cam has been an integral part of many changes and developments at Coopers over the past 13 years and we thank him for his tireless dedication,” Dr Cooper said.

“His lasting impact includes the successful integration of the Premium Beverages business into the organisational structure of Coopers, a substantial change given the former operating independence of Premium Beverages.

“The integration also entailed the establishment of a marketing structure to support national growth, a corporate change that Cam pursued with rigour,” Dr Cooper added.

For his part, Pearce expressed his pride at working for the iconic brewery at such a pivotal moment.

“Coopers has a long and respected history in brewing and I am proud to have contributed to the company’s success,” Mr Pearce said.

“It has been a privilege to be a custodian of the Coopers brand, with a 160-year history of making craft beer for the Australian public. The timing is now right for me to retire from day-to- day operations at the brewery, leaving the company with the Coopers brand in a strong position.”

Dr Cooper also commented on Pearce’s more recent achievements, saying: “Cam instigated the introduction of new products to ensure Coopers remains relevant to consumers, while retaining our originality.”

“More recently Cam initiated a review of the packaging of our ale range and has led the marketing team in bringing to fruition this packaging refresh.

One of the lasting impacts of Pearce’s tenure, Dr. Cooper said, was to introduce Coopers beer in cans.

“Cam passionately supported the expansion of Coopers’ naturally conditioned beers into cans in line with national consumer demand which has seen our portfolio grow significantly,” Dr Cooper explained.

“His personal commitment to representing Coopers around the country has seen Cam set a strenuous schedule, but one that has delivered extraordinary results for the business.”

Finally, although officially retired, Pearce said that he welcomed returning to his role as non-executive Director.

“I look forward to maintaining a close connection with the company and continuing to serve on the Coopers board,” Pearce concluded.

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