Boutique gin brand Grown Spirits has launched its latest eco-conscious creation, Ocean Grown Gin. Packaged in a bold blue bottle, Ocean Grown Gin is the product of a new partnership with grassroots not-for-profit organisation Reef Restoration Foundation.

The ocean-inspired gin aims to make a tangible difference to the restoration and rejuvenation of Australia’s North Queensland coastline, with a share of profits from each bottle sold directed to coral reef restoration. Will Miles, co-founder of Grown Spirits, spoke about the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

“When we started Grown Spirits nearly a decade ago, we were very conscious of unnecessary waste and designed the bottle to have a life beyond just single use – our wider than usual neck is an encouragement to repurpose the bottle as a vase.

“In 2021, we took a step further by creating Sydney’s first Gin Refill Station as a way to help with bottle waste, and now this latest release attempts to be even more active in combating our ever-changing environment.

“This is a coastal gin that provokes memories of holidays by the sea, while serving as a reminder to protect the ocean and the powerful but delicate garden that grows beneath its surface.”

In an ode to the ocean, Ocean Grown Gin is described as having “a delicate saline character on the nose, reminiscent of a gentle sea breeze from the Medierranean showcasing notes of olive and savoury herbs. A bright and refreshing flavour profile unfolds on the palate with dry citrus notes and a warm hint of spice.”

Ryan Donnelly holding the new Ocean Grown Gin
Ryan Donnelly, Reef Restoration Foundation CEO

“We are thrilled to partner with Grown Spirits on this vital (and pretty tasty) venture,” added Ryan Donnelly, Reef Restoration Foundation CEO. “As a business we are about building reef resilience at the places we love, to inspire and invigorate communities to take action, to create a vibrant future for the Great Barrier Reef amid a changing climate.

“People know it’s important, but hopefully partnerships like this one keep the needs of our magnificent ocean in peoples’ minds.”

With a mission to contribute to the longevity of the Great Barrier Reef, Reef Restoration Foundation planted its first ever coral nursery at Fitzory Island in 2017. Today, the foundation has coral nurseries in operation at Fitzroy Island, Hastings Reef and Moore Reef.

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