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Running from 2-10 September, Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week will be popping up in bars around the Victorian capital as the gloss of fashion week wears off.

The week-long celebration of the Old Fashioned cocktail will take place in some of the best bars in Melbourne, with each featuring its own unique take on the Old Fashioned cocktail – no two recipes will be the same. 

The bars involved include: 1806, Doc Martin’s at Collins Quarter, Madame Brussels, The Carlton Club, Bar Ampere, Union Electric, Spice Market, and Ms Collins. 

Often cited as the original 'cocktail,' the Old Fashioned is said to have been developed in the 19th century and given its name in 1880 at a gentlemen’s club in Louisville, Kentucky. 

“The great thing about an Old Fashioned is it makes whisky more approachable,” says Matt Barnett, premium spirits ambassador for The Blend.

“Maker’s Mark is perfect for the job. Switching rye out for wheat in their mash makes for a sweeter, softer spirit and in turn, a gentle sipping Old Fashioned with a long, warm finish.” 

To mark the inaugural Melbourne celebration, Maker’s Mark has also created the quintessential Old Fashioned glass for the perfect cocktail experience. It will feature at select bars throughout Old Fashioned Week, and is designed to be cradled in your hand, with a thick base to assist in the muddling of ingredients. Straight sides allow for easy mixing and the raised base allows for the sugar to dissolve easily in the bitters. With a smaller circumference at the top than base and slight taper in shape, the glass allows for swirling and the amplification of the caramel and vanilla aromas.

Maker's Mark Old Fashioned Week took place in Sydney earlier in the year, with great success. 

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