By James Atkinson

A reduction of the alcohol-by-volume of Maker's Mark bourbon will not affect the product in Australia, where it is already sold at a lesser ABV of 40 per cent, Beam Australia has confirmed.

Beam Inc this week announced its intention to reduce the ABV of Maker's Mark from 45 per cent to 42 per cent to help address supply shortages. 

"The demand is continuing to grow at a pace we've never before experienced," said Chairman Bill Samuels, announcing the decision.

But a Beam Australia spokesman said it's the status quo for the brand in Australia.

"This adjustment does not affect the brand in this market as Maker’s Mark has been sold at 40 per cent ABV in Australia for many years," he said.

"In Australia, Maker's Mark has grown sales at a double-digit rate in recent years off a relatively small base, and we look forward to continuing to grow the brand here."

Samuels this week urged concerned drinkers to reserve their decision on the move until they actually taste the whiskey.

"Every batch at 42 per cent ABV had the same taste profile that we've always had," he said.

"Then, we validated our own tastings with structured consumer research and the Tasting Panel at the distillery, who all agreed: there's no difference in the taste."

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