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I am appalled at the lack of support the industry has shown the Coopers Brewery business in the wake of the same sex marriage debate video.

Here we have a brand that delivered substantial growth to the industry because they work hard and produce a quality product to which the consumer gravitates. But the industry leaders stay silent because they are gutless, and in fact aren’t leaders, they are leaderless.

I challenge anyone in on- or off-premise to give an example of when a representative of Coopers has shown homophobic tendencies. Seriously, come forward if it has happened.

Why do we let this happen? Why is the majority so silent and the minority so vocal? Where were Woolworths and Coles, the custodians of 70 per cent of the market, when a major supplier needed support? Where was the LSA saying ‘hang on, this is one of our most reputable suppliers and these scandalous allegations have no basis whatsoever’? Where was the Beer industry in sticking up for probably it’s most important player outside the Big Two – if they still exist because I’m sick of remembering who owns who?

The handful of pubs that deleted the product should be named and shamed, not one of Australia’s most successfully built family brands.

Please note, I have no affiliation with Coopers whatsoever, just a believer in the old fashioned give an Aussie a go who in turn is giving it a go.

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  1. I don’t think it’s ever considered wise to board a sinking ship.
    Coopers has been strongly supported by the more left wing, middle to low class hipster group for years. As a retail liquor worker of 10 years I could honestly say that they couldn’t have got it more wrong in supporting the Bible Society, which honestly displays the owners / runners of Coopers personal views more then the views of their customers.
    Its all well and good to have opinions, but to express them through business in a way that directly contradicts the demographic that has supported them in recent years…. well that’s their own burden to bare, and supporting them would be supporting the avenue that businesses should be expressing idealistic personal views through media.

  2. Adam, you talk of contradictions and you obviously know what they are. The contradiction here is you must be a Coopers drinker, because you’re definitely left wing and certainly low class.

  3. someone is connected to the coopers business based on the above post!! seriously why have a chop at the “Big 2” do they not both employ Australians that have families, mortgages, loans? yes they are foreign owner but unfortunately that is the world we live in. i guess you will be walking to work or buying a locally made Car once all the car manufactures close down. get your head out of the sand.. the reality is that advertising a beer product of that size should never be approved to promote the owners self beliefs. they deserve the impact short term so they can benefit from it long term.

  4. As a retired sales rep from Coopers I can honestly say that the short sightedness shown by some retailers in deleting brands only shows short term memory loss. Sure the decision to promote a brand showing support for a religious organization was not thought through properly but what brewery has shown growth like Coopers over many years for retailers and at margins for these retailers not comparable to the 2 major foreign owned brewers. From experience Coopers has never demanded retail pricing as the majors do and this is reflected in the bottom line for retailers. Look at the facts. You have an opportunity to support a 100% Australian family owned company and make good $$. How many of you guys had a Kirin owned brand on special or value added for Anzac day or Australia day? When the rep calls think of this. You live in Australia so support Australia. I still drink Coopers and no I don’t get for free.

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