Business advisory firm PKF Hospitality has changed its name to Quantaco in a move that spearheads a major expansion of its services.

The company, which was founded by Anthony Sullivan ten years ago to offer accounting and business advisory, has launched a range of new services specifically for hospitality venues including capital, insurance, and soon loyalty.

The company says it observed some significant unmet needs in the sector, and the expansion was in response to that, with the new services enabling it to provide a broader suite of solutions to help hospitality businesses reach their potential.

“I’m really excited by the launch of our new brand. It better represents the breadth of the services we now offer and the depth of expertise we have in the hospitality industry,” Sullivan said.

Quantaco’s chief commercial officer, Scott Barber said: “What makes Quantaco unique is the combination of the advisory services we offer, combined with technology as an enabler, and our dedication and focus on the Australian hospitality industry.”

Quantaco’s digital division, for instance, builds its own technology. Using existing systems such as Deputy, Lightyear and Oracle NetSuite, it makes these industry-leading systems available to its clients via a single, easy-to-use platform.

Another unmet need in the industry is data management, Quantaco says, and it is addressing this through the development of its own data analytics platform called Wranglr.

Wranglr can, for example, help clients forecast sales and track them in real-time, it can also provide operational alerts, and it can help venues maintain the right amount of staffing to meet customer expectations while maximising their profitability.

“We have the only industry database collecting relevant data from all sources,” Sullivan says.

“I’ve built the business by focusing on areas that have been traditionally underserved, and I’ve invested in both people and technology to make it better.”

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