First produced in 1992, and discontinued in 2000, Reschs Real Lager’s return comes after a campaign by the NSW Reschs Appreciation Society.

The beer has been reformulated for 2023 tastes, sitting at 4.2 per cent alcohol content, and will be sold in a 330ml stubbie format. Real Lager is described by the brewers as ‘a modern easy drinking take on the classic lager’, and it will be marketed with the slogan ‘New taste. Real beer.’

CUB’s Head of Classic Beer Brands, Sarah Wilcox, highlight the efforts of beer enthusiasts in restoring this product to NSW shelves.

“NSW drinkers can thank the legions of loyal Reschs Appreciation Society fans for their extraordinary passion and hard work because they kick-started a revolution which everyone can now enjoy,’’ Wilcox commented.

“We’ve listened to the fans. The Reschs Appreciation Society have been strong supporters of the brand and continue to shine a light on how much NSW loves this famous brand.”

This release is the latest nostalgic revival for the Reschs’ range, after the ‘Silver Bullet’ cans of Reschs Pilsner relaunched in 2020 (after another campaign by the Reschs Appreciation Society).

Wilcox also believes the brand can engage a new audience of beer drinkers, who perhaps weren’t around for its heyday, but can appreciate its narrative.

“There are two strong drivers [for the beer’s return]. First, we’ve seen that consumers are reverting to what they know and love and want to support their local areas,” she said.

“Second, Reschs is attracting a new generation of beer drinkers who love classic beers and the nostalgic stories behind them.’’

Members of the Reschs Appreciation Society enjoy a Reschs Real.

A spokesperson for the Reschs Appreciation Society outlined the group and its mission.

“The Reschs Appreciation Society is a grass-roots movement that was founded in 2009 because we were concerned that the circulation of the beer we loved was in decline. We’ve now got over 14,000 members and we’re growing every week,” they said.

The same spokesperson also expressed their joy at the return of the lager.

“Reschs Real is part of not only Reschs history but NSW history too. We’re delighted that it’s back for a new generation to enjoy.’’

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