In today’s competitive market, your guests expect convenience at every stage of their dining experience, right from the information they can access on your website and bookings to quality of food and service right through to payment. The payment part is especially critical, as that marks the end of their dining experience with you. Would you rather have your customer recall the fabulous evening with you or have then recall their hike to the ATM for lack of separate payments?
Vectron’s Restaurant POS expertly handles split bills and separate payments for you with all transactions laid out clearly for analysis. You can allow diners to individually pay for exactly what they ordered, by as little as a click of a button. Guests who leave early can pay their share of the bill which is automatically deducted from the table’s outstanding bill. 

Based on your venue’s requirements, you can let diners pay with cash, credit card or charge the bill amount to their account or room number in case of hotels/motels. What’s more, with Vectron’s budding partnership with Tyro’s integrated mobile EFTPOS, your customer need not even leave their table to settle their bill; you can now offer them the convenience and security of paying with their credit card right at the table.

We believe that every bit of functionality goes a long way in creating a better dining experience for your customers, and split bills and Pay@Table are just part of the story. Our POS system is complete with optional wireless handheld ordering, back office reporting and real time alerts to give you unmatched control of your venue. With over 2000 installations across Australia, you have the security of knowing that every feature you need has been catered for, tried and thoroughly tested. 
Is Innovation and convenience your mantra for 2013? Speak to us on 1300 530 509 or write to for more tips on maximizing your returns with the correct combination of POS and other management systems.

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