NSW same day alcohol delivery reforms - courier carrying box

All same day alcohol delivery providers, agents and drivers making same day deliveries in NSW must complete training by 1 December.

The training requirements are a RSAT course and the Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) online RSAT assessment, and Liquor & Gaming NSW said: “There are no exemptions.”

To gain the RSAT certification, you must:

  • Complete the RSAT online course-plus assessment with Liquor & Gaming NSW on the TAFE NSW learning platform, or
  • Complete RSAT course with any same day delivery provider, delivery agent or Registered Training Organisation offering the training, then pass the mandatory L&GNSW online RSAT Assessment via TAFE.

For TAFE NSW RSAT training and assessment access the TAFE NSW learning platform.

Liquor & Gaming NSW said: “If you haven’t already completed the training, you should do so as soon as possible to avoid the last-minute rush and potential delays closer to the 1 December 2021 deadline.

“As a delivery provider, you need to check that your employees and delivery agents are trained. If you make or permit someone to make a same day alcohol delivery without completing the training, you can face significant penalties – including a maximum penalty of up to $5,500.”

Details on the Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training courses are available on the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.

Andy Young

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