By Annette Shailer

Tactical Training Group has developed a specialised training initiative known as ‘Bar-Barian’ to assist licensed premises to comply with new requirements in relation to licensed premises with high levels of alcohol-related incidents.

Tactical Training Group national training manager, Gerald Schlebusch, has prepared a comprehensive training program addressing major issues relating to licensed premises.

‘Bar-Barian’ has been designed to assist licensed premises in developing techniques for preventing and managing patron aggression and behaviour associated with the misuse and abuse of alcohol in public venues.

The course has been designed to be undertaken on premises to assist, managers, supervisors, bar staff and security to recognise and address risks and conflict resolution ensuring the improved safety of the general public.

On completion of the course participants will have a sound knowledge of mechanisms and processes for systematically managing alcohol-related issues, intoxicated patron behaviour and the safety of persons at risk and the need for ongoing ways to ensure the continuous improvement of minimising the exposure of individual venues.

“It is imperative that licensed premises develop further techniques to address on going issues with alcohol-related incidents and initiate pro-active measures to ensure the safety of both their patrons and the public at large. Through pro-active measures adopted through Bar-Barian staff will be better equipped with the necessary skill set to assess potential incidents and resolve in a timely and safe manner,” Schlebusch said.

“The initiative has been well received in the industry and we have received positive feedback regarding the program from venues listed in the Top 100 violent venues in the state that are effectively addressing alcohol-related incidents within close proximity to their venues”.

The initiative comes on the back of renewed claims for campaigns and new restrictions to reduce alcohol-related violence.


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