two bottles of XXX Zero stand upright in the foreground on a wooden bar
Photo credit: Nic Rounsefell.

XXXX’s parent company, Lion, has announced the release of XXXX Zero, the first non-alcoholic from the Queensland brewery in nearly a century and a half of brewing.

XXXX Brand Director, Chris Allan, said, “We’ve taken time to create a product that not only talks to a new generation of discerning drinkers but also gives a XXXX about the environment, as Australia’s first carbon neutral certified alcohol-free beer.”

XXXX Zero has been Climate Active carbon neutral certified, forming part of Lion’s wider commitment towards sustainability, with the company having pledged to switch to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2025. Lion previously installed a 2,200 solar panel array at the brand’s brewery in Milton, Brisbane.

A spokesperson for Climate Active (a partnership between the Australian government and the private sector) said, “It’s great to see new carbon neutral products emerging in the market, providing more sustainable options for consumers.”

“Reducing emissions is a shared responsibility and it is encouraging to see Australian brands like XXXX doing their bit.”

For Allan, the release of this beer is in keeping with the brand’s history of product innovation.

“XXXX previously pioneered the mid-strength market with the launch of XXXX Gold.”

“We’re committed to innovation that empowers Aussie drinkers to make the choices to suit their lifestyle. XXXX Zero is a beer that can be enjoyed for more occasions.”

In a statement to press, XXXX stressed that the new beer was ‘created for beer lovers who are looking to moderate their drinking and make a more sustainable beer choice’.

With the release of this beer, Lion is responding to increasing consumer demand for non-alcoholic beverages. XXXX’s home-state of Queensland has been identified as the largest market for non-alcoholic beer in Australia, with the category as a whole growing at 62 per cent year on year, according to IRI Scan Data from March, 2022.

As with the launch of Lion’s James Squire Zero brand in 2021, Lion are seeking to leverage XXXX’s existing brands in marketing this expression.

The new expression is produced in a similar lager style to the brand’s established beers. XXXX Zero is made using barley malted in Queensland, which provides a malt-driven flavour-profile, close to the style of its alcoholic counterparts. The inclusion of Nelson Sauvin hops is said to give XXXX Zero a ‘slight aroma and crisp finish.’

XXXX Zero will be first released in Queensland pubs and liquor stores. RRP is $12 per six-pack of 330ml bottles.

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